Top 10 Sexologists in india, Sex Doctors, Specialists

Top 10 Sexologist in india, Sex Doctors, Specialists

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Dr shridhar sharma jidrshridharsharma

1.It was great to visit the clinic had very professional kind of hospitality and clinic was very neet and clean and doctor consult with polite manners and rest team was working very professionally

2.A few months back I consulted shri dhar sharma Clinic for my sexual issues. I thought it would be a treatment that will surely empty the pocket. But I was surprised to know about the fee as it was a nominal fee. In fact, after consulting the sexologist over there,
he didnโ€™t ask me for the unnecessary tests and only necessary tests were carried out to identify my problem. I am highly satisfied with the services. if you looking for Top 10 Sexologists in india visit

3.The best Sexologist and the best sex clinic in Delhi and India.As myself a doctor i would recommend the patients who are suffering from Sexual problems to visit there they provide best quality treatment and 100% Results.

4.One off the best room sexologist in Delhi, Indiaโ€ฆDr. Colsed me and told me I will be normal again.i was very relieved after meeting the doctor.i did not have toโ€ฆ

5.Itโ€™s been a great experience with Dr. . He makes u feel comfortable & treat his patients like a friend. He doesnโ€™t force to buy any medicine or for any checkup. He is very calm and friendly with his patients. Thank u so much sir.
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Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana ClinicHakim Hari Kishan
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