List Of Latest Google Updates

List Of Latest Google Updates

List Of Latest Google Updates

Latest Google Updates:-

Google update is also known as a mobile update. It is used to increase the ranking in search engine. It is used to improve the search results. The main aim of the update is to improve the research results. It is also used to improve the search engine from spam and to remove the duplicate data.

It has four algorithms:

*Panda Update

*Penguin Update

*Pigeon Update

*Rank Brain

Panda Update:

* Googleโ€™s Panda update launched in Feb 2011. It is used to remove the low-quality content from the there site to get at high rank in search results.

* The main focus of panda update is on content quality, irrelevant content, and spam which affects. It also helps to increase the security while using the site.

*It is a type of filter which is used to improve the quality of site and ranking.

*The panda updated time by time so that they will remove the sites which use algorithm just to increase the volume and to get there site at high. List Of Latest Google Updates

*This algorithm is used for quality and accurate content so it is beneficial for some good results.

Penguin Update:

*Penguin update is launched in April 2012.

*Penguin update is used to penalize the sites those who are using low quality and spamming links in their domains.

*The main focus of penguin update is to force to make the site high quality and use algorithms to improve the visibility of site as well as data and information which is given in the site.

*It helps to reduce the fake links from the site to reduce the spam and to remove the bad links from the site.

Pigeon Update:

* It was launched in July 2014 for U.S. It is a new Algorithm which is used to get accurate, relevant and useful results for local search.

*It also improves the distance and location parameters. This update provides the results on user location and the directory.

*In this update Google improves theย ranking signal for Google search and Google maps.

Rank Brain:

*It is a Googleโ€™s algorithm which is used to find out the more relevant results to search engines queries.

*It is a self-learning system. It deals with search a query with which Google is not familiar with. Everyday searchers find new searchers.

*It is the artificial intelligence which Google uses to search results.

*It gives more accurate search results to users.

*It guesses what people think and what they require and it gives result accordingly so that it will help them for their searches. Also see Top 10 best city specialist, digital marketing, ielts institute, SEO company, astrologer, Sexologist, Dentist, Ayurvedic doctor

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