Digital marketing v/s traditional marketing means online marketingย  v/s without online marketing. DIGITAL MARKETING
1:- MEANING Digital Marketing is a process which is the help to
define the business through on digital way like with the help of
internet. In other words, we say that Digital marketing is a
marketing which is done through on the internet it is also included
online digital marketing and offline digital marketing. with the help
of Digital marketing, you easily reach the consumer on your channel
with the help of many goods and services. This marketing also
included the mobile phones and display advertising. It is also
included the following terms
๏ฌ Internet-based life locales, for example, Facebook, Instagram,
and Twitter
๏ฌ Email promoting
๏ฌ Paid to fly up promotions
๏ฌ Blogs
๏ฌ Click goading URLs for viral substance promoting
This all the marketing techniques used in digital marketing.
regular techniques for showcasing utilized as far back as the idea of
ads or advertising appeared This primarily includes the following
modes for brand promotion:
๏ฌ Newspaper

๏ฌ Flyers
๏ฌ Radio
๏ฌ Television
๏ฌ Billboard advertising along roads and highways
๏ฌ Magazine Ads

Benefits of digital marketing as well as traditional marketing

  1. Low Cost
    In both marketing when we are used newspaper, television and
    other such media ads cost a lot, advertising through the internet is
    affordable as compare to other markets. For the low cost, this is
    the basic reason it is helpful to increase the profits of your
  2. Real-Time Result
    DIgital marketing provides the quick results because for making the
    all business terms it consumes less time but In case of traditional
    marketing it consumes more time or saves less time.
  3. Non-intrusive
    sometimes most of the people are do not purchase a newspaper
    and do not take part in social media but in case of digital
    marketing, all people are used mobile phones and network
    techniques thatโ€™s why they are easily participating in social media.
    So this is the reason digital marketing provide better results as
    compare to traditional marketing.
  4. Greater Exposure

Any traditional marketing with the help of newspaper and
advertisement cover some basic area and digital marketing is
always try to cover them all over the area of the world so this is the
reason Digital marketing have greater exposure as compare to
Traditional marketing.

  1. Better Engagement
    In traditional marketing, This allows to easily and in few time you
    interact you with an audience and also promote your brand. In
    digital marketing strategies, you can not only interact with your
    targeted audience but also it helps to promote more results and
    quick feedback from your consumers. In digital marketing, You can
    also engage your audience with the help of chats and discussions
    for the better registration and more benefits.



Digital marketing

1 Two-way conversation

2 This is open system

3 One on one marketing

4 Brand and User-generated Content

5 Authentic content

6 Unstructured communication

7 Active involvement


1 One-way

1 One-way conversation

2 this is the closed system

3 Mass market

4 Professional content

5 Polished content

6 Controlled communication

7 Passive involvement

Digital marketing v/s traditional marketing

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